Travellers Kush


Description:  Travellers Kush is born!!! Travellers Kush is something we have been working on for well over a year++ behind the scene with some very close friends in the cannabis community !!!

1st ) Project started off with some Triangle Kush S1 seeds made by Cannarado by s1ing the original Triangle Kush from the Swampboys ( CornBreadRicky & Krome aka Krome the white ) he as held close for awhile he gifted Karma Genetics a bunch of these seeds ..

2nd ) Karma Genetics pops some of the TK S1 seeds and finds a real killer keeper he then enters this selected cut into the spain breeders cup it wins first spot .

3rd) Karma Genetics then decides it would be a great idea to make a cross of this TKs1 winner with is selected White OG male making TKs1 Karma cut X White OG seeds

4th) Karma Genetics blessed us Dank Genetics with his Cup winning Triangle Kush S1 KG Cut and some of the new made TKs1 (KGcut) x White OG seeds .whoot whoot . we was so happy to of been given these gems by our big brother KG

5th) We now had in our stable Triangle Kush s1 karma cut and some seeds to pop (TKs1 KGcut X White OG ).. we soaked a bunch of these seeds in search for a male . happily we had a good amount of males to look at but 1 seemed to popped out to us with lots of TK traits he was the selected male in the next back cross to the TKs1 karma cut .. making .. .. . . > >

6th) Travellers Kush is now Born aka Triangle Kush S1 BX 1

7th) we sent a bunch of Travellers Kush seeds to homie Karma and he selected a pheno from his run and we entered into HTCC 27th amsterdam cup in hybrid cat . everyone that seen , smelled or smoked our Travellers Kush was amazed how dank it was

we would like to give a massive shout out to all involved in this project ..

Karma Genetics , Cannarado , CornbreadRicky , Krome ,SwampBoys ,whole Dank Genetics Crew, nothing would of been possible with out ALL you guys ..

stay tuned for lots more DANK in 2015 we on it now with our Super Dank Travellers Kush Male .. !!!

NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS: Store is coming soon.