Comprehensive lists of our work or creations to date:

White Ripper = White x Jack The Ripper

Blue Ripper = Blueberry Hash Plant x JAck The Ripper .

Bubba Ripper = pre98 bubba x Jack The Ripper .

Lemonaid og = Lemon Larry x Lemon alien dawg z

Dawg fighter og = Lemon Alien Dawg x Tres Star Dawg .

Mad dawg og = Lemon Alien Dawg x Star Fighter .

Flip mode og = OG squared X Star Fighter

Strawberry split og = Strawberry Cough x Star Fighter .

Sour banana split og = Sour Banana x Star Fighter .

Auto Fire og = Alien Grenades x Star Fighter.

White star urkle = White Urkle x Star Fighter .

Fire Fighter og = Fire OG BX x Star Fighter .

Mouse Trap = Exodus Cheese x Star Fighter

True gold og = Kosher Kush (Jew Gold) x Star Fighter .

Tram lines = Amnesia Haze (hypro cut) x Triangle White OG .

Sour Triangles = Sour Power OG x Triangle White OG .

True Triangle Gold = true gold OG #6 x Triangle White OG .

Dank Cheese = exodus cheese x triangle white OG .

Travellers Kush = triangle Kush s1 x triangle white OG

East Coast Fire = east Coast sour d clone x Fire alien master .

Pre98 Master = pre98 bubba x fire alien master .

Lemon Master = lemon Larry x fire alien master .

Galactic Master = galactic Tahoe x fam

Aliens On Fire = alien grenades x fam

4 Masters = chem4 x fire alien master

Fire Cracker = fire OG x fire alien master

Lemonaid OG BX = Lemonaid OG x Lemonaid OG

NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS: Store is coming soon.